40th Anniversary ELECTRO SILUZ

June 1976 is an unforgettable date for Electro Siluz .
After 40 years we continue with the same ambition which we started in 1976, trying every day to improve and innovate. The main objective of this daily effort is the service we provide to our customers.
For this reason it’s with you that we want to share and celebrate this day with joy and deep gratitude, because without you it would not have been possible.
In the month we completed 40 years of existence we open the doors to our new warehouse dedicated and fully thought to improve our service, increasing the space of our headquarters to a covered area of 11,000 m2. In this way we intend to increase our stock capacity and offer more solutions in order to improve our services and our responsiveness.
Congratulations to Electro Siluz. Congratulations to all employees, to all customers, all suppliers and all our business partners.
The next 40 years have already begun and we expect to be even better ...