ELR – New brighting brand

ELR LogoWith the start of a new year and as has become our habit, we present another brand that will be part of our portfolio.

The first New this year is a brilliant idea in the world of lighting and making use of his own name, is called ELR – Bright Ideas.

ELR – Bright Ideas is an Australian brand of innovative lighting, distinguished by high quality, by the energy efficiency and by the duration of their products. In the design of its products, the main concerns are energy efficiency, the ease of the assembly, the safety and the use of cutting edge technology that prolongs the product life time.

The key point of this brand is the product innovation that is speediest and easiest to instal and that we believe will surprise and change the lighting market.

The LED module ELR let you customize everything that can be customized lighting. Always using the same light module, we can choose from the light angle, the flux of light and still something never seen before, the color. Yes, the color is adjustable from 2700K to 6500K allowing the user to define the best color for every business and every moment. Innovation at its highest point. All this without having to change the LED module.

Another major innovation of this products is the heating dispersion. This system is patented by ELR and is called ATePSTM. It consists of a very thin aluminum foil and high quality, which keeps it cold even when they are subjected to warm environments. These products have a safety system in the event of overheating, that adjusts the light power in order to reduce the temperature. Thus, the ELR guarantees maximum duration of its products and the best light output.

Visit us and come see this brilliant idea, the ELR – Bright Ideas!

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