About Us

Electro Siluz S.A. is a distributor that sells (imports and exports) electrical goods, lighting and appliances. We are currently distributors of top national brands and exclusive representatives in Portugal, Spain and Palop’s of some of the leading European brands of  electrical paper installations for housing, tertiary and industry.

Brands already recognized worldwide allows that Electro Siluz S.A. constantly ensures its customers a wide range of quality products, innovative, duly certified by their manufacturers and a major technical support in choosing the most appropriate materials for the execution of their work.

Within the company values such as work, respect, dedication and commitment are instilled in every 95 employees, without whom it would ñot have been possible to grow the company over the years and continue to progress.

The organization is another factor to enhancing and devotes special attention to what is considered a key factor in the success formula.

For this performance, rigor, growth and careful management over the years, Electro Siluz S.A. is proud to be an SME Leader and Excellence.

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