Electro Siluz – Artigos Eléctricos e Electrodomésticos,Lda. (first name given to the company) was founded in 1976 with registered capital of 900,000 escudos.

Installed in a small house in commercial street, Costa Cabral Streen in Oporto, started business by selling electrical equipment, with sales and retail, and also performed electrical installations.

Shortly after its opening two partners decide to go their separate ways, leaving the actual founder, partner and owner Mr. António Angelo Ramos, entrepreneur by nature, a charismatic person, indisputable image of this company.

Becoming sole owner, chose to conduct certain changes that would later become central to the development and growth of the company, went firstly end with electrical installations because this aspect was like a direct competition to its own customers they bought electrical equipment, therefore redirected all sales efforts for the next but never abandoning the retail sale.

“Perhaps it was this measure, not to compete for customers, which made these to bet in the company and there, really, there was a large increase in sales which, in turn, was reflected in the company’s growth.” – Ângelo António Ramos

This good market acceptance, good customer base that grew increasingly more and trust established with suppliers enabled the Electro Siluz, S.A. get a solid financial and commercial quite positive.

It is in 1997 that choose to acquire land in the area of Areosa in Oporto where they build a building (now headquarters) with about 5000 m² covered area that do meet the needs of the company kept growing.

Finally the financial soundness has to be reflected when the Electro Siluz S.A. after a studied and deliberate decision, opted to expand to the African Markets, first in 2004 for the emerging Siluz Distribuidora Angolana de Material Eléctrico, and later in 2011 for the Mozambican market by creating the Siluz Distribuidora Moçambicana de Material Eléctrico.

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